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Serenian Century

Lionel became mayor of his town at the age of 8. Nearly a century later, he is still mayor of his town. He wouldn't have had to enter the political world at such an early age if only his father and brother took the position instead. But the "Age of Nightmare," a war that overshadowed the world with despair, claimed the life of Lionel's father while erasing all traces of his brother, Divanis, from the face of the world. A century has passed since the war ended, and the world is oblivious to its former miseries. But as Lionel sets out on a journey to find Divanis, he finds that the world continues to be haunted by specters of the past.


New Page + New Layout

A new page was added last night after a long hiatus. (Sorry guys!) I'm still busy, but I'm hoping to squeeze more pages in between my work, if not for the sake of this manga then at least for the sake of my sanity before my work drives me crazier than I already am! I also changed the layout here on Smackjeeves while I was at it. I was never really happy with my patchwork layout, and since SJ offers lots of premade layouts, I just told myself "I might as well." So here it is. :)

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Added Links/Forum, editted Extra

Finally moved over at least the link section to its own page. You can check it out from the nav bar up top. If you'd like to link to this manga, I gave you two addresses to choose from: the main URL and SJ URL. While I'd prefer you link back to the main URL, it's entirely up to you. I've also added a direct link to the Forum in the nav bar. I've added new links out in the Extra section to fanart and images I've made.

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Added EXTRA section

I added a very quickly-put-together EXTRA section! I just listed a few links to extra goodies I have on my main site right now. I do plan on making the actual pages over on SJ as well, but I'd like to get done with uploading all of the manga pages here first. Anyhow, have a look around~

posted by ruina @ April 11th, 2009, 8:46 pm  -  0 comments

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